Welcome to the United American Civil Taskforce (UACT)





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A Little About UACT:

UACT is a volunteer organization with members in states nationwide throughout the United States of America. We are dedicated to and work for Homeland Security in serving our Government, Law Enforcement Agencies and the public in various ways including providing sources of education and various training courses in Emergency Preparedness and Response for all types of disasters and emergencies including those that may be terror related.

Our Anti Terrorism Division is dedicated to working for Homeland Security and assisting the United States Government, Law Enforcement and U.S. citizens through Counter Terror Training Courses and Seminars that are mainly aimed at military, law enforcement, security personnel and first responders. We do offer certain types of courses for the citizen.

The UACT membership is made up of a variety of volunteer personnel most of which have formal military and/or law enforcement training or extensive training in Civil Defense and/or various degrees of Emergency Management. Though such training is not required for citizen members other than those within the Anti Terrorism Division.

Our trainers in the Anti Terrorism Division are some of the best trained in their fields of Counter Terrorism and are world renowned in regards to their reputations and accomplishments. Our Chief instructor from Israel has trained military and law enforcement personnel globally.


We also collect OSINT (open source intelligence) and thoroughly review the information to select that which we forward to Federal law enforcement to assist in avoiding another attack on the United States. Much of our intelligence is related to terrorist sleeper cells hidden or blended in with the U.S. populace citizens while planning the next strike against our nation.